My Afternoon Station

7:59 PM

 Every woman, whether they have children or do not, whether they work or stay at home, needs their time.
At this stage in my life, with 3 kids and staying at home with them, I make this time a priority.

When the kids are down for naps, this is my time. 

Right now, Dorien falls asleep for his afternoon nap immediately after nursing and stays on my lap. So before he and I ever settle down on my bed, I get Brooklyn and August situated and then I surround myself with all the things I need to be productive during the next 2 hours.

These things typically include my Quiet Time materials (Bible, Scripture Memorization Book, Prayer Notebook and Quiet Time journal). Those are essential for my personal time with the Lord.  I also bring up my trust HP12C calculator for balancing checkbooks and whatever other computations I find to do. There are usually many. I am a woman who loves her spreadsheets, analysis and computations. 

Depending on how many books I'm working through, I may read a little or browse through some of my favorite magazines. I do some of my heavy-duty reading late late at night after Kyle and the kids are asleep. Right now, I'm reading a very fascinating book by Mortimer Adler called How to Read a Book. This is not a small book, in fact, for a book teaching you how to read a book, there are lots and lots of words....But I am enjoying it. :)  

I also sometimes knit during this time or work on my Home Management Binder (more on that later).

 I have this precious little face to inspire me while I am productive. And periodically just stare lovingly at or kiss.

And in the background, my ever-present laptop. Where would I be without that? It may not seem like this is "Me" time, but believe me, when I have 2 hours to let my mind systematically tackle things, I am a much much happier woman. 

And that, my friends, is where you will find me of an afternoon. I hope you have your own spot and that it brings you as much satisfaction and productivity as mine does!

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  1. Mine are no longer little, but these are great ideas for moms who are still in that stage of life! And you have a real cutie there, too. ;)