August is 4

1:13 PM

Last Tuesday, July 17, August Banner celebrated his 4th birthday. This handsome sweet boy has brought so much joy into our lives. I could not be more thankful for him.

He loves body art.

He loves building things with blocks and legos. 

He loves to paint and be creative, although he told me the other day that he didn't want to do an art class all by himself like Brooklyn. I asked him why and he said it's because he didn't want us to leave him. I asked if he'd be willing to do a class if she was there and he said yes. 

He loves his big sister. And his little brother. And his Mommy and Daddy.

He loves riding horses and trying new things as long as we're there with him to encourage him. Hopping up on the back of a horse has never been a problem for him, though. He is "brave of that."

He's intelligent, athletic. Sensitive and stubborn.  Energetic and my best ever nap-taker. He stole my pink blankie and won't give it back.  He is really good at math so far and excited about learning to read this year in school.

He's got huge brown eyes and a smile that takes over his face and makes his eyes all soft and sweet.

He doesn't like green peas or almonds, but he can eat his bodyweight in watermelon and other fruits.
He knows what "junk food" is and will let you know that it is not good for you. 

And he got a brand new tennis racket for his birthday and is super excited about learning to play tennis!

Happy Birthday, you handsome devil.

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