It begins.

6:58 PM

I walked into the nursery today and found 3 wasps (of two different varieties) lolling about on the hardwood floors. They each had a bit of dust bunny attached to them, making me wonder how exactly they got into the room. They were in that sluggish, it's still too cold to be awake yet mentality which made them extremely easy to squash with my foot.

Oh yeah. No mercy on Goshen. Not to wasps.

I detest wasps.  And they, on the other hand, love love love this house.  

I don't know if it's the red brick. Or the many cracks and crevices they are able to find to burrow into and build their creepy homes. But as soon as the weather hits about 55, they begin to stir.

When we first moved into this house 7 years ago, there were no storm windows and just the original wood double hung windows that had plenty of holes they squiggled into to find their way into my house. I have always hated flying bugs that sting, and can as yet, find no good reasons for wasps to exist, period. 

And when they chose my nursery, of all rooms, to congregate, it was a full on war.

I have since had storm windows put on the exterior of all my original windows and it has cut down considerably on their access to my house, but there are still a few points they manage to squeeze through.

Immediately after finding the three on the nursery floor, squashing and flushing them - taking time to point out to Dorien that these were mean, bad bugs (in case he found them and thought they were little toys) - Dorien came running to me saying, "Mommy! Eeewww!!! Ucky bug!!!" Sure enough, there were two more on the floor of my bedroom.  DAD GUM IT!

So it begins. The first hints of spring on Goshen.

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