Sew Crazy

3:08 PM

I realize it's been ages since I last posted anything. 

I'm sorry! Now that our chicken coop is complete, I've turned to my next project list - which is sewing!

I have a major itch to sew right now. Every pregnancy brings out some different aspect of creativity in me, I find.  When I was pregnant with Dorien, I knit up a slew up things. This time around, it seems this baby wants me to sew. So, sew I will.

I have stumbled upon so many amazing sewing blogs which have inspired me to no end! I found great fabric websites and have been purchasing fabric left and right. I just finished making myself a maternity nightie! 

No, you will not see me model the finished product, although I will post a picture of the finished garment.

I bought some patterns from MeganNielsen, some from Blank Slate Patterns, one for a maxi skirt....I'm going crazy over here. You should see the havoc which is my dining room table.  Most of it's for my kids, but there are a few maternity patterns for me.

And on top of that, I'm working hard with the kids to finish our last few weeks of school.

This next week is our final week, and we've actually been trying to double up on some things so our last week won't be as busy as a normal week. Not to mention the bees.

Every year there are bees. Honeybees. Trying to set up a hive in the eaves of our house right outside our nursery window.  What a great place for bees, huh? This past week I've had our "bee man" over on multiple occasions trying to interpret the bizarre behavior of the honeybees we are finding.  I won't bore you with the details, but it's most mysterious. And time consuming. And frustrating.

On top of that, Kyle's been gone or thoroughly wrapped up in work the past few weeks, which means I have less spare time than normal. I think we see some hope for a light at the end of the tunnel coming up....

But if you're wondering what happened to the family on Goshen, we're still here.

Wrapping up school, battling 3-banded Italian honeybees, figuring out how to sew with knit fabrics, taking care of our chickens, picking mulberries from the mulberry tree outside our back door, waiting for Daddy to get home and trying to keep up with this crazy life of ours.

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  1. Your productivity is contagious! Love seeing all your projects. Miss you!