My Week in Pictures

6:21 PM

My beloved Dorien.

Cheeser extraordinaire.

Holding the pose...

Get UP, August!

Flower shower.

Proud Momma.

A purposeful stride.

The definition of precious.

August, my sweet, my precious, my sensitive and perfect boy.

Taking a pretend shower. (His own words)

No upstairs a/c while the guys install naptime takes place downstairs under the dining room table. Where there is nice, cold air.

Brooklyn's version of naps downstairs. 

Our brand-new, as yet unnamed kitty.

The little nocturnal visitor I found on the basement floor.

The nocturnal visitor baring his tiny teeth at me from the end of my paint stirrer as I take pity on him and move him to some ivy to hide until dark.

The new cool-makers of Goshen. Awesome.

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