Back to School 2013-2014

6:55 PM

Monday morning, oh, say 9:30ish, our little school year started back up!
To be different, I had the kids write their names on a marker board, with their ages and then I wrote in their grade for them and the date.  I thought it would be neat to see how their writing changes from year to year as they get older.

Here is Brooklyn, age 7, entering 2nd grade!

August, age 5, entering the 1st grade today.

And this little munchy-smunchy isn't actually in school at all, but try telling him that. 
He had to have his own picture, and why not? He's as much a part of this school as either of the others! 

You like that pre-pre school bit? When is school before school not pre-pre school?
Don't over-think it. Just go with it.

And my little Goshen Academy participants. Beaming, eager and ready to get started!

I can say that 3 days in, things are going extremely well. The kids have already memorized a song teaching them all the continents and oceans and can identify them on a map, believe it or not. And they're loving the new Language Smarts books we're using along with the Critical Thinking books. And oddly enough, my kids love handwriting. So long as they don't compare what they're learning to my current state of handwriting, we'll be fine. 

As frustrating as I know things can get at times, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to be an active participant in my children's education. It's a journey we all take together. A quest for knowledge that includes me as much as them, and a chance for me to watch their little minds jump on new things and take off running.

I know homeschooling isn't for everyone, and I judge no one! But for now, for us, this is really really fun.

Hope your kids enjoy starting back to school this fall!

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