Dorien is 3!

5:00 AM

On Monday, March 3, Dorien celebrated his 3rd birthday!
We got lucky and there was lots of ice on the ground, so Daddy didn't go to work!
Instead we played and did school and enjoyed the day as a family.

Dorien at 3 is so much fun.
SO much fun.
He adores his baby brother, Wyeth, and his big brother, August.
And, frankly, he loves to torment his big sister, Brooklyn. Constantly.

He also has a tender heart for animals.

He got a new hair do that accentuates his spunky nature.

He's handsome!

And eager for battle!


Friendly and up for a good read.

He's clean!

He has his own style.

And a great smile.

He was really excited about his new football!

And his new book and the stuffed kitten contributed by Brooklyn.

And, cause this is how we roll, he got some time in the dentist's chair a few days after his birthday.
He also got to watch a ceiling movie.

Sporting his pink "Gas Nose".

My tiny man in his big chair making the best out of the situation.  He did awesome, and only bit his numb tongue once afterwards.  I am so proud of my sweet boy.  And we are all blessed to have had him as part of our family these last 3 years. 

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  1. Awww-happy birthday, Dorien! Hard to believe 3 years have gone by since you were born. And Wyeth is looking so big in the bouncer! So glad it's still getting good use. Miss you guys!