14 Years

3:38 PM

On October 21st, Kyle and I celebrated our 14th year of marriage.  We've passed the 7 year itch mark twice, with no signs of any itches. We are extremely happily married, and in today's world, I realize more and more how rare and wonderful that is.

To celebrate our anniversary, which fell in the middle of the week, we decided to do something we rarely do - have our kids stay with my parents and get a night for ourselves at a bed and breakfast. We like B&B's. We stayed at one in Bar Harbor, ME on our honeymoon and ever since then, we look for opportunities to try them out. The best type of B&B's are those where you're not obligated to be social. I realize some people LIKE that about B&B's, but Kyle and I prefer anonymity and solitude. Which makes the Gardener's Cottage at the Rosemont Bed and Breakfast absolutely perfect for us.

You sign up online, get a code for the door, walk up a back walkway, up your own staircase into your own room and you're in your own world. Breakfast is delivered to your door the next morning and you leave by those same back stairs and never have to see anyone but each other. 

We've used this room twice now, and each time it has been perfection.

A cozy space with high ceilings, a little fireplace, HUGE whirlpool tub, super comfy bed, little kitchen space...it's lovely. 

Yes, this year, we had a stowaway. Since I'm still nursing Wyeth, there was no truly feasible way to leave him with anyone. Especially since he does most of his nursing at night.  As it was, he was pretty delightful. He explored the place, took a bath, nursed and fell asleep. Good boy.

Kyle and I were able to have a dinner date at a fantastic Italian restaurant that we'd never tried (Vesuvio, I think it was). Amazing food, great ambiance, and adult conversation. Priceless.

See how precious this place is? I love it!
And since we had the good sense to get married in the best month of the year (October), we frequently get lucky and have cool weather, which we did that particular evening. Yeah!

Here's the little courtyard our room overlooked. 
You feel like you're in your own world, not downtown.

So after our amazing breakfast, we dropped Wyeth back off with my mom and extended our special day by going on a 22 mile bike ride on the River Trail. It was my first real ride on my new bike, and a wonderful time with my best friend and husband.

I could write for hours about how much I love Kyle, and what an amazing husband he is. If you know him, you probably get that. I am truly blessed. We have such a wonderful time being married. Literally every day is a delight. God has been so kind to bless us with four amazing kids in the time we've been married, and we continue to be transformed by those little ones into the man and woman God designed us to be. It's a journey. Some days are exhausting, others exhilarating. I'm not gonna pretend that I don't have frustrating days, because I really do. But having Kyle come home at the end of the day and smile at me and hug me and tell me he loves me makes every day wonderful.

It's been a great 14 years, and I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with Kyle and the lovely journey that is our marriage.

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