April Moments

3:03 PM

Earlier in the month, Kyle went to Austin for six days. One of those evenings, I found the boys cuddled up in bed reading books. What an amazing sight.

It's nice to have sweet moments to balance the moments when they bicker and steal each others' toys or when Wyeth gets mad at someone and tries to hit them or scratch them. There are plenty of those moments, of course, but these are the ones to treasure in my heart.

See that look of pure glee on Dorien's face? It's because he's playing with Play-Do. Know how often that happens? Practically never. It's such fun in theory, but in reality, teeny bits of dried Play-Do find their way all around my house, mashed into my rugs and furniture. Also factor in Wyeth's desire to eat everything, and this adds to the complication. It may be non-toxic, but after he chews it around a bit, gets it all nice and gooey and spits it back out somewhere else in the house, well....it seems pretty toxic to me. 

The kids always swear up and down that they'll clean every bit of it up. And that they'll keep it all on the play mats. Does this happen? What do you think? Educated guess.

 I want to love it. I do. I just don't, though. 

On a Saturday morning, after a 6am 12 mile run (oh yeah, baby!!), Kyle and I walked downtown to the Orbea store to check out tri-suits. Triathlon suits that you literally swim, bike and run in. No change of clothes involved.  We didn't find anything on this trip, other than this great photo opp of our kids traipsing down the street with Dorien and August holding hands. Another great moment to savor.

Proof of my early morning run - the sunrise across the Arkansas River, from the middle of the Two Rivers Bridge.  This was one of those great morning runs when I said, well, I'll do 8...that should do it...and my running buddy said she was planning to do 12. So I got to my halfway point for 8, when I should have turned around, and it was just such a beautiful morning, I decided to keep on going. And I ended up running 12 with her and it felt wonderful. Runs like that are why I keep on running. It doesn't hurt at all that you see these amazing sunrises across the river.

This precious boy just plowed headfirst into a pile of pillows one morning and turned making the bed into a funny little game. He's 18 months now, and still just as towheaded as can be. Gotta love it.

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