Captiva Island, Part 2

1:14 PM

In the evenings, we played games, read books, and I worked on knitting projects!

I apologize for the sideways nature of this picture, but I love how cute Wyeth looks, slinking down in the chair!

At home for a lunch break before heading back out for more sunshine and salt water!

August, Brooklyn and Dorien would play "I spy" using the chart of shells. I think they have the shell chart completely memorized by now.

Heading out for dinner!

Me and my Brooklyn!

Eating at the Island Cow - there was lots of open space, unlike previous times of the year when we'd been there! (I love how August buttoned his top button!) 

I don't know what the sign means...but it was an opportunity to sit by a skeleton.

Brooklyn knew it wasn't real, but she still didn't want it touching her.

The lighthouse at the bottom tip of Sanibel Island. A 15 mile bike ride there and back gave Kyle and I each a nice 30 mile ride!

What a gorgeous day and a gorgeous boy!

Here I come!!!

Wyeth and Kyle!

Little brothers -  Wyeth (almost 2), Dorien (4).

Reading in bed before lights out.

Wyeth squeezed himself between Dorien and the screen wall in order to sit in Dorien's lap.

A late night walk down to the beach...

Revealed a white sand crab that quickly scuttled sideways into the grasses. 

It was a completely black night. No moon, no stars...just darkness and the sounds of waves rolling over rhythmically down the shoreline.  Staring out into the blackness, we began noticing these sparkles at the edge of the water just where the waves broke. Glittery, glowing brief shimmers of light. It definitely wasn't jellyfish. I did some research when we got back and I think it was phosphorescent ocean plant life. It was a first for all of us and incredibly cool!

All good things must come to an end, and we began our drive home on Saturday morning. Ironically, we found out that the next morning there was to be a sprint triathlon on the island!!! Had we known, we totally would have planned our trip around that! Maybe next year...

On our return journey, I knocked out two hats. One was intended to be for Brooklyn (the lilac one) and one for me (multicolored hat). It worked out exactly opposite of how I'd planned. But it's ok, because Brooklyn decided she really liked the multicolored version.

Side view - this is the PurlBee Cozy Ear Flap hat.

Back view of the lilac version of the same hat. 

Clearly too big for her, but so cute at the same time!

Driving back through Dothan, Alabama, we happened to catch the most glorious sunset right as we were pulling into our favorite restaurant for dinner!

We discovered this place, The Cactus Flower, several years ago just after it opened. I have no idea why we stopped here - there's nothing to really attract attention to it, but it blew us away with how good it was. It's kind of a fresh Californian approach to Mexican, and it is amazing. If you are EVER near Dothan, plan to stop here. It is well worth it. I always get the vegetarian quesadilla which is about the size of a medium pizza! It's at least 2 meals for me, and perhaps the most delicious thing I've ever put in my mouth. It's a well established part of our trip routine. 
So, until next time....farewell Captiva!

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