Halloween 2015

3:17 PM

Bringing you up to date on our family requires a recap of our Halloween costumes!
Last year, August and Dorien were rockers - specifically Bon Jovi and Eddie Van Halen. Since Brooklyn felt left out of the rocker theme last year, she decided (last year) that THIS year would be her rocker year. And her rocker of choice was Pat Benatar. We had a lot of fun with this one....not only listening to great Pat Benatar music leading up to Halloween, but just figuring out what that looked like on Brooklyn.

We sort of channeled this purple/red crazy hair theme to come up with our own rendition....

Normally I'd not be baring that much tummy...but these were extenuating circumstances and it was a short lived costume. It's not as if we do our daughter up in extreme eye make-up either.....it was sort of startling to see her transform...but she did capture Pat very well. 

August was a bandit/outlaw this year.

It's was Wyeth's turn to be the dragonfly.....bless their hearts, they each get a turn with that one. It's just the cutest costume and it holds up crazy well!

Dorien was Darth Vader, or as he says it, "Dark Vader." Thank you, Aunt Kara, for the foam sword which doubles nicely as a "light saver." 

We trick or treated a great deal more than we normally do, walking ourselves into exhaustion...
But the kids had a blast, and it was quite enjoyable for us parents too.

Beware of tiny winged creatures flitting about the night....

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