Big Happenings

2:24 PM

There are several big reasons why I've been very remiss in updating my blog this year. The first reason is that we expanded our family by one. Yes, I had another baby - our fifth child and our fourth boy!  In previous pregnancies, I was fairly consistent in recording my progress via belly pictures and general updates, but this last pregnancy, I deemed it a success if I remembered to take any pictures at ALL of my belly, and blogging simply fell by the wayside.

Why is that, you ask? Well, along with being pregnant with baby #5, this year contained possibly the biggest change of our lives yet - a cross-country move from North Little Rock to Chicago!

As I write this, we have been here one full week.

Which means there is much to update you on.

And I will update you, beginning with the story of the birth of our 5th child...

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  1. Hooray! Was just thinking of texting you today but then I saw your posts. Can't wait to hear how it's going!