Nature Museum

6:00 AM

If there's one thing Chicago has in abundance, it's museums.
As a Chicago resident, there are lots of free days to take advantage of which is awesome, because admission is always so expensive. Especially when there are as many admittees as we have!

We recently joined our friends, Alina and Liz, at the Peggy Notebauer Nature Museum on a cold winter day when admission was free. They're known for their butterfly exhibit - which was quite lovely - if not humid and warm. 

We enjoyed the turtles amid the butterflies.

The butterflies were everywhere, flitting about like flowers drifting through the air. 

Every imaginable color and shape.

I was fascinated to watch one suck nectar from a fruit tray set out for their feeding purposes.

There was also a hatching room filled with cocoons and chrysalis hanging from ledges.

And on the way home, the beauty of a city.

Made even more beautiful by a budding friendship between two little boys: Harper and Wyeth.

I love Chicago.

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