Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

12:37 PM

The 1893 Chicago World's Fair introduced the Great Wheel to the world. 
The original wheel was 264 feet high with 36 cars that were more like fancy train cars - accommodating up to 60 people! 

In 1995, Navy Pier acquired a Ferris Wheel, inspired by Chicago's link to the historical wheel.
This wheel was 150 feet high and had 40 significantly smaller cars which held 6 passengers. 

The 1995 Ferris Wheel rotated on Navy Pier until 2015 at which time it was removed to make way for a larger, fancier version.

Still not as large as the original Wheel, the new one is 200 feet high and has enclosed glass cars which hold more like 12 passengers.

Brooklyn and I cheese it up in the air!

I'm not afraid of heights, but there was a distinct lurch in my stomach as our car began climbing higher and higher in the air. I can only imagine what it would feel like to go even 64 feet higher, as the original Ferris Wheel did! I bet they were scared to death! 

Our family (Wilder didn't make it into the photograph) with Chicago as our backdrop!

Looking East across the Lake and the end of Navy Pier.

Looking West to the City.

It was incredibly high up...and the view was just as amazing as you'd expect it to be.
The harbor is empty at the moment, as all the boats are removed from the water for the winter, Minus a few yachts that show up.

More Chicago skyline!

The boys- August, Kyle, Wilder, Wyeth and Dorien.

The view down into the center of the Ferris Wheel.

I was so amazed that Wyeth and the kids weren't scared! I think Kyle and I were more aware of the height than they were.

Me and my squishy little man. His first Ferris Wheel ride! 

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