Thankful for Friends

7:00 AM

The reality of life is that there are moments when you cannot lug all your 5 kids with you EVERYwhere. ALMOST everywhere. But not, the dentist with you when one of your kids needs a filling.

In moments like those, you need to be able to fully devote all your mommy attention to the child in question. In this case: Dorien.

Which means you need a reliable, caring friend who is willing to take on your 4 kids, including an infant. In fact, I'm not worried about leaving my older kids...
Wilder is the wild card. No pun intended.

This friend, for me, is Alina. 
Mother of Harper and Chloe...fellow baby-wearer...kindred spirit and friend.
 And her friend, Kathyrn, also has the touch!
Chloe just loves babies, period. Having Wilder around is an opportunity to touch a baby head.

On this particular Tuesday, Alina had a meeting at Charmers Cafe, within walking distance of my house, so I dropped the kids off with her and they entertained themselves and her kids!
Then, at the back of the store, they participated in Story Time!

My older kids were quite the draw for the little ones.

Wilder finally wakes up....hello? Where am I?

 Meanwhile, Harper gets cozy in Brooklyn's lap while the story is read.
Dorien's tooth was filled rather uneventfully and we both joined the crew at Charmers.
With my family 600 miles away, I am grateful for friends who don't bat an eye at watching your kids...knowing that the sisterhood of mothers exists for just such moments of need.

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