1:19 PM

Kyle, Brooklyn and I just returned from a delicious week on Captiva (Sanibel Island), Florida. We stayed at Rick's Retreat (a fabulous casa) within walking distance of the glorious gulf. This was Brooklyn's first real vacation - 18 hours in a car both ways- and the girl was awesome. She's got the Dennis genes for long trips.

We went with my parents (Randy & Donna - aka Randad & DD), Rachel and Josh. It was the first time I've been on a vacation with only part of the family, but it was truly delightful. We lounged on the beach every day (slathered in sunscreen), walked around Captiva, met new friends, played in the sand, read tons of books (6 for me) and ate out at great places in the evenings.

It was a much-needed break for us all. I turned my cell phone off for a full week! Unheard of.

ALSO, while there, Brooklyn took a record number of solo steps: 6! It was amazing. She looks like a zombo sort of lurching forward. She was delighted at our clapping and enthusiasm, but still only walks when coaxed. She's just too fast on her knees right now.

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