The Bounce

7:31 PM

Our friends Becky and Greg (I almost wrote Beg and Grecky), have a trampoline in their backyard, and it was kind of amusing to see my novice jumpers experience bounciness.

Rather than really digging in with their weight and exploding up into the air, they sort of frittered around the surface. Rapidly bouncing on the balls of their feet, plopping down on their bottoms, flopping forward onto their faces, or just sitting there, waiting for another source to move them up and down.
Hey, Guys? Uh, this thing moves!

Yeah, August, that's why I'm just sitting here...

Getting staticky...

Whatever, Bookwin, whatever...

Oh, that's what you do!!

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  1. Such fun!! We haven't been called Beg & Grecky in quite some time!!!:)