Happy Birthday!

4:31 PM

Today August is 2. I will not lament the passing of time or say how rapidly it's gone by. Those things are true, but every day that has passed has been wonderful. Having a daughter and a son has been a precious gift. They are so very different and each so wonderful in their differences. And in their similarities. I love the little boy August becomes more and more every day. He is so dadgum sweet!
The little boy a mother dreams of - he loves to cuddle with me, kiss me, snuggle with me at night, he seeks me out just to give me a hug or touch me on the leg. He loves the boy things: cars, trucks, trains, hitting his sister...but I have to say at this point he also loves dressing up and wearing my high heels. I think that will pass.

"Our"wandan and August sharing a birthday bowl of cereal.

He's easy going, laid-back, friendly and cool. Not to mention ridiculously cute with his enormous, long-lashed brown eyes. I know I'm biased as his mother, but I feel blessed to have such a cutie. Inside and out. Just wanted to share with the world my happiness that he's graced my life for 2 whole years. Looking forward to many many more.

Total buddies.

Happy Birthday, Little Man.

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  1. Happy Birthday, little boogie!! You sure are a handsome guy!