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Married to an artist, but not technically one myself, I find myself venting my creativity in forms other than paper, pen, paint or photography. I lean more towards interior design, knitting, planning my landscaping and even cooking! It's amazing how much creativity is required, I think, to cook well. Or at least be bold enough to try crazy new recipes that your kids may or may not eat (usually too spicy). In those cases, we always have Honey Nut Cheerios in the pantry.

Last night's dinner: Roasted pear with goat cheese and fig vinaigrette on baby arugula with Walnut pesto, pear slices, roasted red bell pepper and arugula sandwich.
(Even the kids scarfed this down and ate the leftovers for lunch today).

I must have more creativity flowing through my veins than I give myself credit for, because these past few months, I have been unable to stop searching for new and more difficult knitting patterns, new and unusual recipes, and even perusing my Dwell issues for more interior design inspiration.

Tonight's appetizer - cucumbers with a spicy Asian sauce. Yum.

My sister, Rachel, taught me to knit a few years ago. It was probably the best gift she could have given me. Since she first taught me, I have immersed myself in projects far beyond my skill level, finding that you truly can figure just about anything if you have access to some good knitting resource books and the internet! Oh, that and a certain level of fearlessness. Knowing that you might, perhaps, accidentally knit a rose pillow approximately 75% smaller than it was intended. Or that the multi-colored throw might take you a year to finish. Unlike my sweet sister, Rachel, though, I will work on multiple projects at a time. So if one stalls out, I just work on my others.
I recently purchased several knitting books and have been plowing my way through them. I absolutely love the purlbee blog (see my sidebar) for its constantly inventive knitting projects (not to mention their sewing projects!). I knit Rachel some Mary Jane slippers...I'll post a picture of them if she'll ever come home and bring them with her.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I knit a baby bonnet for my friend Carrie and her pending baby girl. (I'll try to get a picture to post). I also knit a sweet little baby girl tunic, a Debbie Bliss pattern that stopped me in my tracks at our local yarn store (see above pictures). I bought the yarn on the spot and dove in. It turned out so amazing! I can't believe I actually made something that a child can wear!!!

And just over the past 2 days, whipped together some baby booties to go with the hat I made Carrie. Sorry, Carrie, I'm giving away my surprise for you. Needless to say, those receiving Christmas gifts from me this year just may find themselves the recipient of something handmade.
In other areas of creative outlet, I have been able to enjoy cooking now that my first trimester nausea has passed. I was utterly inspired by my latest issue of Vegetarian Times. Several months ago, in a moment of weakness, I gave in to a door to door salesman and ordered a magazine for an outrageous price. It was literally the only remotely tempting magazine available. Never again. Although I have actually gotten some use from the magazine - particularly this month!

Dinner - Vegetables with Thai Red Curry Paste

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  1. Oh, my goodness-those booties are darling! Can't wait to see her little feet in those. Your food looks fabulous, too!

  2. Now I'm hungry. For that. And that, too. Naughty friend. Hit the Asian grocery for Thai Massaman curry. With chicken and potatoes....oh my.