Time Flies

2:16 PM

I scarcely blink and 2 weeks have passed. Time seems to be folding in on itself these days. I wake up and feel like I missed a day or two somewhere. Maybe it's that summer is fading into autumn and as routines commence once again for my family and friends, each hour ticks away that much quicker.

This year, the kids and I have taken a little step in the opposite direction. Rather than jumping into Mother's Day Out, school, etc., we're extricating ourselves from the usual entanglements of life and trying to just enjoy the living of it. Not easy to do. I lamented over whether or not to put the kids back in their MDO program. But in the end, the prospect of saving money helped make the decision for us. I figure there's always next year. For August anyway. This will be our last year before school starts for Brooklyn, and I intend to treasure my days with her, rather than fill them up and away. Even if we decide to homeschool her for kindergarten, I want to know this year was just pure fun.

I don't know whether it's the changing season, the changing weather, the upcoming changes in our life with this new baby or what (I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow-already in the 2nd trimester!). But I find myself getting itchy again. Ready for change. Desperate for change, even. Sounds strange since I just mentioned so many pending changes! But there you have it.

Kyle and I occasionally discuss this aspect of ourselves. We go crazy with sameness. If, for instance, it is sunny for too many days in a row, we get seriously depressed. We need rain, storms, cold weather, snow, something other than sunny, 90 degrees and 90% humidity year round. We need new places, new people, new things. We don't do well with routine as life. Or life in one big routine. It's very strange. I know there are others out there like us, but I don't run across them very often. It seems that most people like to stick and stay and for things to stick and stay. Hm. That's apparently not in me. It's not a contentment issue. I am content with my life. I love my house, my kids, my friends, my family, my church. But I think I must have gypsy in my blood. Mom? Dad? Hm?
For now, I'll settle for going to new grocery stores where the faces aren't familiar and I can be an anonymous stranger. I'll knit till my fingers go numb and I run out of yarn. I'll play with my kids and kiss their precious cheeks till they push me away. I'll watch my stomach get bigger as this little one grows inside me. I'll switch out my regular clothes for maternity and start figuring out sleeping arrangements. I'll keep shopping for a Suburban or Yukon XL so we can cart around our growing family! And wait to see what God has in store for us in our future. The future, after all, is getting closer and closer.

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  1. Very sweet post! My dad says the same thing about there being gypsy in my blood. No wonder we're friends!

  2. I definitely understand itchy feet syndrome...even though you'd never know it by the way I spend my life-in-routine. Might it be the wandering before the nesting? Hmmmm.