A Week of Bliss

6:50 PM

Every now and then, you just have to take a few days or 7 and just walk away from your normal routine. Go someplace away from it all. And just disappear off the map. Or at least off the map most people know.
I realize my life as a stay-at-home mom sounds REAL taxing, but there are days, particularly days when it feels like all I do is laundry and vacuum (and throw up)..

and break up little squabbles between B and A and then clean some more...that it becomes a very good idea to get away from even all those precious little things (not meaning get away from my kids).
And even more vital for my beloved husband who hadn't had a real break from work at ALL this past year.
He needed to do a little more of his own art...

And cuddle with his kids.

In my family, we're so so so blessed to have what you have heard me casually refer to as the Farm. And it just happened to be free this past week, so we packed up our bags, our dog, our many many library books, my knitting projects, a few clothing items, our toothbrushes, lots of art supplies for Kyle, some groceries and got the heck out of dodge.

All the way to Monticello, past the horse farm and curious cows and down the dirt road to our favorite getaway house.

We came on the heels of Josh and Lauren who left us milk and eggs in the fridge. Thanks!

In typical A & B behavior, much of the week was spent sans clothing. Either just undies and diaper or sometimes, while swimming...not even those!

There was not a soul around. Just the fields, the trees, a steady cool breeze, some gassed up 4-weirds (my kids' name for them), a little kiddie pool, a stocked fridge, and the perfect house.

Doctoring some mosquito bites.

Leaving the exposure open while trying to capture the full moon...

The weather outdid itself. Instead of the horrid heat we've had the past few months, it was remarkably cool, extremely breezy and ridiculously delightful for the end of August.

While there, I celebrated my 33rd birthday, made myself a big ole cake...

which turned out to be really good!

did tons of cooking....

and eating...

and more cooking...

(minestrone soup)

Read about 6 books, made lots of headway on my latest knitting project, and Kyle created several amazing pieces of art.

A whole roomful of mostly pen & ink sketches with watercolor...


The Brooklyn Bridge

I was so impressed...

We could not have asked for a better week. Apart from seeing my precious Grandmother Barbara on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, it was just us. We touched not civilization apart from our stop at Wal-Mart on the way into town. Just the way we liked it.

I can't tell you what a blessing it is to have a place like the Farm. I know a couple other people who have something similar...Lynnie comes to mind (love you, Lynnie!)..and I know they are blessed in so many ways to be able to just disappear every now and then. I'm so grateful most of all to my parents who have made it possible...literally by building the wonderful house and making it available to their kids. It is such a privilege and one I do not take lightly.

So our week is ended and we are once again settled back in our own home, suitcases packed away.Until this weekend. When we'll head down once again to share Labor Day with the whole clan!
Just can't keep away from that Farm...

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  1. What were you making in the picture with the crescent rolls? I have been craving something like that.

  2. Lynnie's got dibs on the Brooklyn Bridge sketch!!!!!
    xoxo Miss you!