12:50 PM

For those of you wondering if we've been suffering in the heat without a working air conditioner, I have news. We're enjoying cooled air for the time being. Just as God made the Israelites rely on a daily supply of manna as they traveled through the wilderness, He's made us rely daily on Him to take care of us.

The day our air stopped working, we had a friend who happens to be an a/c guy come out and give it a quick fix. What I hadn't mentioned in the previous post was that I had planned to cook a big farewell dinner at my house that night in honor of Rene who was going to Hendrix the following morning. My parents and sister, Rachel, were planning on coming. And I knew I would be heating up my house even more with a hot oven!

I decided to go ahead and take a leap of faith and begin cooking. While my children napped peacefully upstairs in the cool air, I put together our meal in my 85 degree kitchen. And the crazy thing was, I adjusted just fine to the temperature. I wasn't even sweating. I was actually singing praise songs. Our air was fixed just in time for dinner to be served.

Woke up the next morning and it was off again. Had a repair guy come out and fix it.

Woke up the next morning and it was off again. Called our original guy to come back out and he gave us a new motor for a fraction of the cost quoted to use by the other repair guy. And so far...it's continued to work. We are thankful daily for the cool air!

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