First Day of School

1:03 PM

The Send Off

I would never have dreamed that the first kid I dropped off at school would be starting college, not kindergarten!

The college students and the kids

A week ago today, our family drove Rene up to Hendrix to move him in for his freshman year. We had spent the week putting together all the necessary bits and pieces for dorm life, and the boy had accumulated at least 4 times the wardrobe that he'd come to the United States with. My generous mother climbed up in her attic and found all kinds of useful things for Rene, including extra sheet sets, laundry hampers, pens, pencils, notebook paper, duffel bags. He was set.

I definitely think it's easier to send off a student who isn't actually your child...I was sad to see him settle in somewhere else, but not weepy like I will be with my own children! It was heart-breaking to see him hug Brooklyn and August so tightly and tell them he loved them.

They did really well because we had worked so hard to assure them Rene would be back. And they took us at our word. And it was easier to leave Rene there by himself because 3 other Rwandan students were moving in at the same time, one right across the hall from Rene's room. Seeing familiar faces made the whole event much more comfortable.

Being the organizer/mom that I am, I assumed the commando role and in no time, Rene's room was ready for business.
He starts school next week and I can't wait to see how things go for him. I am so proud of our brilliant young man and so so so blessed to have been his surrogate mom for the summer. What a blessing it is to open your house to someone...yes there were moments of inconvenience, but mostly, I would say it was the best decision we ever made. We now have another son, a friend and a deeper love in our hearts for the tiny country of Rwanda and its many wonderful people.

Yep, good to go!

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