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1:45 PM

In other news...another blessing that we've been keeping to ourselves the past few months is that...

I'm pregnant!

We should be welcoming Baby Number 3 into our family sometime around the end of February, first of March. I'm currently 11 1/2 weeks pregnant, we've seen the heartbeat on an ultrasound at 7 weeks and heard it galloping along yesterday at our OB visit. And I've been horrendously sick for the past 6 weeks, so if you're wondering why I haven't posted as much or just have generally dropped out of sight...that's why. Extreme nausea and exhaustion will just sort of kick you out of service.

And for those of you speculating that it must be a girl if I'm that sick, well, you may be right, but I was also sick with both of my previous pregnancies, so I don't think those wives' tales mean anything in my case.

I will answer a couple of questions in advance for you:

1) we are not finding out what we're having. Didn't with the previous two, won't with this one.

2) we do not even hint at possible names, so don't ask.

3) you didn't ask, but I'll tell you that I'm currently planning a home birth with this one. Had 2 previous easy deliveries completely without any meds using the Bradley method and after much research and deliberation, have decided to pursue a different course this time. We'll see how it goes.

Keep us in your prayers over the next several months. We're super excited and so very blessed.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you guys! SOO cool on the home birth! if I ever had another, I would definitely want to do that...assuming my military insurance would allow it :(

  2. Oh boy, or girl! I have the most courageous friends! I'm sure Steph would love to chat with you about how she birthed Reagan in her tub and was able to get right back in her own bed with her new baby.

  3. How exciting! I'm so so happy for you guys! I need to bring my little wild man by for a visit sometime soon and catch up! It's sad that my sis had to update me after reading your blog! Love you!