The Salish House

2:35 PM

The Salish House
Gig Harbor, Washington
(low tide)

This is where we stayed this past week. We were on an inlet that connected to a bay. The tide came in and out twice a day. At high tide, the water level almost touched the bottom of our deck. At low tide, you could walk out onto the mudflats and go exploring.

Standing in the Kitchen - One whole side of the house was all windows looking out into the inlet. The other side of the house backed up to a forest.

Dining Room/Living Room

Living Room looking into Kitchen

The Master Bedroom Fireplace looking towards the living room and kitchen.

Master Bedroom Cozy Couch and Fireplace

Master Bed

Connection between Master Bedroom and Other Bedroom

Brooklyn and August's Bed

Brooklyn and August's Play Area - the windows and sliding door opened onto a balcony the entire length of the house. It was beautiful!

One Side of Back Deck

Other Side of Back Deck (viewing our rented Corolla...or as we called it, the "Rolla")

View from House at High Tide
Hard to see, but those ripples in the water are actually seals!

Rising Tide behind our house - at high tide, all that mud was underwater.

View of inlet from our back deck. See why it was hard to leave?

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  1. That looks like the perfect getaway-so cozy and relaxing! Looks like you had a wonderful time.