Beach Vacation - Part 1

7:30 AM

This past Saturday, the road to Gulf Shores, where we were headed to spend a week with my family, led us through a corner of Louisiana. One particularly lovely area made us pause to appreciate the knobby cypress trees, the breathtaking historic homes and to stretch our legs....After hours on the road, that was something we all needed.

This beauty of an old house captivated me. Although I have absolutely no desire to live this far south, houses like this lure me like nectar to a bee. Stately, grand, graceful, asking for someone to love them and appreciate all their qualities of strength, their bones, the way the past whispers through them, brick by brick.

All good old Southern estates also come complete with canopies of trees under which to play and seek respite from the blazing sun. It's just the way of the South.

What also beckoned me was this plank bridge leading out over the water amid the cypress trees. There is something magical about trees that grow up from the water. 

Stretching up toward the sky from the most unusual bases - cypress trees are a work of art. Gloriously unique and ethereal. 

The warm smell of a lake in the summer wafted over to us. Brooklyn and August paused to soak up the moment.

And nothing about this precious moment was posed. Friends, siblings, buddies, they took this walk together pointing out things of interest to them as they walked.

Filtered sunlight made its way to us as a gentle breeze modified what would otherwise have been a still, muggy afternoon.

As our path wound out from among the cypress trees, we found ourselves in a tiny little part with a swing set made for our family.

Well, almost. Dorien found himself a little too short to get up on the swings as his siblings did.

That's what Mommas are for, right?

Yep, this will work.

My beautiful girl and her swishy hair. A summer day, a swing and swishy hair. 
What more could you ask for?

A brother who's cute as a bug and sweaty to boot? 

Traveling further on our journey, we made an emergency pit stop on the side of the road and Brooklyn sat in the largest rocking chair we've ever seen!

Why the emergency pit stop? Cause August calmly, but very clearly informed us that he had to throw up. And he was not joking. But once he'd cleared his system, he was happy and wanted his turn on the giant chair!

Our car looked like a bug with its wings spread, ready to fly.

And at last, we were there. Our home for the next 7 days. Right on the beach, rooms for everyone, and practically perfect in every way. 
Picturesque sunsets included.

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  1. Wowie! That house looks beautiful and the photos of your kids are so adorable!! Hope you had a great time.