Beach Vacation - Part 3

2:00 PM

The thing about taking your camera on vacation is that you tend to take pictures. And you tend to take lots of pictures if you are a) my husband or b) my sister-in-law, Lauren. If you're me, then, well, not so much. Fortunately I am able to rely on the diligence of the aforementioned two.

What that leaves me with then are still more pictures to share with you. 
Yes, we are back in town and no longer relaxing on those lovely white beaches, but just looking once more at the pictures makes me feel like I COULD be there if I walked down a hall and looked out a window. Nevermind that all I see out my window right now is my neighbor's roof and the big green and yellow recycle bin.

The day I cooked my meal, I cooked all day, then desperately needed some air. I went for a run on the beach, barefoot and then ended up with huge blisters on 4 of my toes. Learned a very valuable lesson. Running on the beaches is pretty for pictures, but painful on feet. 

Munch munch munch

My meal's appetizer: Bruschetta...

And a white bean spread bruschetta

Dessert: homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. They either had vanilla, mint chocolate chip or toffee crunch ice cream. Yum!

Avery and August have a special bond. 

Avery, August, Merrick and Brooklyn...

In the evenings, the wind could sometimes GUST through the place. Kyle was eating on the back deck one time and had his plate literally fly right off the table.

Dorien didn't seem to mind all that much.


My favorite view from our house.

What IS this, August? 

Shucking corn!

Reading and drawing...two of Brooklyn's favorite past-times. What a beauty she is.

Four little cousins sitting on a bed...

Just woke up from my nap with sunscreen-bed-head...Leave me alone!

Is that the paparazzi I see over there? 

Double up flotation duty

Sometimes its nice to not deal with waves.

Brooklyn's other favorite past-time


Daddy and Dorien

Should I stay or should I go?

Beach combers

Wave jumpers

Frolicking is the only word for it.

Gulf Shores - May 2012

Back home, playing doctors. They saved this doll's life. 

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