Messy, Sweet Life

4:16 PM

One of the best things about staying at home with my children is that it gives me a little more time to contemplate things about life.  For one thing, it's rarely neat and tidy. Have you noticed that?

Unless you live in a really isolated location, there is a fair amount of human interaction required. And we humans are tricky. Messy. Problematic. Difficult to manage. Unpredictable. Unkind at times. Generous at others. Sweet. Not so sweet. Loving. Hateful. Open. Closed. Involved. Indifferent. An open book. A locked box. 

I seem to be surrounded with potentially sticky situations right now.  All involving people. Which puts me directly in a place where I frequently find myself, actually. And that's in conversation with God, asking for wisdom.

I'm currently studying the book of James and just the other day, the lesson I completed was so relevant as to make me look up and expect to see Jesus Christ, in the flesh, sitting on the chair across from me with his eyebrows raised.  As if to say, "I'm for real, you know. Not only do I hear your prayers, I am as good as my word. When you ask for wisdom, I will give it to you."

There are no fewer than 5 specific things I am seriously seeking wisdom on.  What do I mean by wisdom, exactly? Well, I'll tell you.  You know when you have knowledge floating around your head and it's doing you no good because you don't know how to apply it to dealing with a particular situation? Well, wisdom is divine intervention that helps your knowledge align up to take practical steps which will result in glorifying God. I say "divine intervention" because without God's help, we will just sit there and puzzle over the facts endlessly, still no closer to knowing how to handle something.  Or we could blunder forward doing what seems right but actually isn't.  God tells us that wisdom is something we can ask Him for. Which means it isn't something we have in and of ourselves. 

We can gain knowledge on our own. We can learn and study and absorb facts and even nuances of human behavior and emotion. But there is a definitive spiritual component that we only get when we ask God for it.

And the interesting thing is that we are assured of getting it when we ask for it. We are supposed to ask in a spirit of confidence, though, because if we ask for it in a wavering, doubtful spirit, it tells God that we don't really believe that He'll give it to us. Which is clearly a sign of a larger lack of confidence in God's word.

I particularly like that we're told to ask for wisdom and that God will give it to us liberally and without reproach.  Liberally. That's exactly what I'm hoping for. A healthy dose. No scant measurements for me please. Lots and lots of wisdom, please!

Because as sticky and messy and yes, lovely, as this life is--I definitely need wisdom.

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  1. My husband and I were recently dealing with a situation with one of our kids that was so frustrating. We kept approaching it from different directions and not getting anywhere. Finally, I started to think...maybe this is not something we can help him with...The next day in my study Bible I found the answer--we can nurture our kids, teach, discipline, etc. BUT wisdom comes from GOD not us. We can encourage our kids to seek God's wisdom. So, same thing you were talking about but in relation to parenting. I promptly underlined and texted to my husband:). Sometimes in the middle of something it's hard to see that (or for me it was in this instance)... Also RIGHT under that was a message about what you were saying about the messiness of life. "When a farmer has no oxen, the stable will be clean, but he will be unable to make a living...Is your life clean, but empty?" (I was reading in Proverbs 4). This gets me. I have a hard time staying "in" with people, and I know it. Thankfully not my husband and kids, but like you were saying people can be "problematic." Me included!:)...And I never posted a comment on your artwork post, but it was beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I completely agree that parenting is an area in which I constantly need wisdom. And I love that you referenced the Proverbs verse - so true. Life would be much neater and cleaner without people, kids, jobs, etc. But so empty. And I'm so glad you liked the painting!