Labor Day

3:25 PM

Three weeks of school have passed already in my household. 
And I took part in a group coaching session (via Skype) by Renee Tougas for homeschooling children ages 5-8. It was awesome and I'll tell you more about it later! 

We're still adjusting to our school routine, but I have already noticed that if we miss a day or our routine is altered because of appointments or whatever, my kids kind of wig out. They like having school as part of their daily routine. 

Even today, we had the pleasure of one of my best friends come over with her two children--let me insert here how valuable and precious time with your dear girlfriends is-- and so I had planned to skip school today. Friday's are easy days anyway. Well, after her kids left and it was time to eat lunch and then take naps (or so I thought), my kids were begging to do school! So we did a little math and that made them happy. Could have been a ploy to delay naps, but ah well. 

Now, we're getting ready to head to our Farm for the weekend. The whole extended group of us all go down for Labor Day and Memorial Day. It's a growing group. And this weekend will be the first time since my entire clan has inhabited the Farm that we're actually having to spread out into two houses. One of my great-uncles recently sold his plot of "Farm" property to my parents, complete with its 3 bedroom house. So, the great expansion has begun.

Renee, our Rwandan, will be coming with us, and the kids are thrilled. He spent the summer back home in Rwanda and we haven't seen him in ages. He loves the Farm as much as we do! 

I'm bringing some books and some knitting and intend to relax thoroughly. I may even try to teach myself to crochet while I'm down there. 

I hope you take advantage of this long weekend and enjoy yourself immensely! 
I'll see you when we get back!

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  1. Thank you for today! It made my day. And thanks for the pie crust, too-just about to dig in. It's not a pretty pie, but hopefully it tastes good. Is that Red Mango I see?? Have a great time at the farm!

  2. PS-Rob thanks you for the biscotti, too! So good.