The Comfortisse Bra

10:31 AM

I am giggling, even as I write the title to this post. Helpless giggles.

Have you heard of the Comfortisse Bra? It's advertised on TV. In this house, we've heard of it. Why? Because, in her own words, Brooklyn is "Curious about this bra." 

And how does she even KNOW about this bra? Well, that's a funny story. Turns out that one day this past weekend, I really can't remember which day, Kyle and I were napping upstairs, as were the kids.  Except that Brooklyn wasn't. And Kyle had left the TV on downstairs because he was watching soccer or the Olympics or something. 

And the fact that the TV was on at all is a strange occurrence in this house. We never watch normal TV. We don't have cable and barely get the basic channels, even with our elaborate rabbit-ear rig that is supposed to let us keep an eye on the Olympics currently going on.

So at some point, Brooklyn wanders downstairs to find the TV on and apparently, an infomercial in progress.  She was mesmerized. This is a girl who takes things very seriously and who never ever watches TV, who has no real idea what a commercial is, much less an infomercial.  This is a girl who is so interested in childbirth that she reads, literally READS, all my prenatal books on childbirth, some of which are quite graphic and honest. She is without a doubt the most knowledgeable 6 year on the logistics of having babies. I relay that to illustrate the seriousness she is capable of. Of her focus and determination.

But back to my story...

Kyle is awakened by a loudly whispering Brooklyn who is very earnest about something. As the fog of sleep lifts from him and he realizes her loud whispering is certain to wake up me and Dorien, he leads her downstairs where she proceeds to tell him the following:

"Daddy, there is a bra that is better than the one we have right now!
It's the Comfortisse Bra and it's on sale right now for $59.95. We can only order it on the phone, so we need to do it now. It's so much more comfortable than the bra we have now."

She was dead serious. And very concerned that we were missing out on a prime opportunity to upgrade in the bra department.

Kyle almost lost it. It became clear that we needed to do some on-the-spot instruction about advertising. Ironically, Kyle works in advertising.

Several days have passed and the Comfortisse Bra continues to be a topic of conversation in this house. Brooklyn still believes it must be extremely comfortable, as she says "the straps don't dig into your shoulders, there is no discomfort on your back, AND it comes in several beautiful colors". My daughter is parroting, VERBATIM, this infomercial. The more I question her about it, the more she remembers. 

We've talked about the difficulties of buying a bra online (or over the phone) without being able to try them on...about how it's probably not REALLY the greatest bra in the world, because those are very grand statements...and that people will tell you all kinds of things because they want your money - they're trying to sell you something. 

It's clear we've got some work to do on that front. No pun intended. 

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  1. Awesome. This made me laugh a lot today. Thanks!

  2. Oh, my goodness! Thanks for making me laugh today!!