All in a Day's Work

2:39 PM

I took this picture last week the same day as my previous post. It sort of put the wheels to those words of faith in living, you know? Lord, make me a blessing to you while I tackle mounds of laundry!

And fold the mounds already tackled!

But amidst those daily chores, there are the sweet faces of my sleeping children. (Notice the naked pillow behind August's head...I was washing sheets that day. He happens to think the "scratchy" pillows are very fun to sleep on).

After heading to the library last Tuesday with my Honey For a Child's Heart book at hand, I came home with a monster stack of children's books. There is nothing better than loading up on good books. I have so loved the Honey.. book because it's led me to authors I might never have discovered. And we are finding favorites and reading and re-reading and even incorporating into school (The Ugly Duckling). I love books. I love them I love them I love them. And coincidentally, so do my children! --I should qualify my previous statement about love of books to say GOOD books. There is tons of crap out there. Good books make the difference. 

Brooklyn does not sleep during the afternoons, but she does spend the time in her room, playing quietly and reading books. My heart wells up with love just looking at her. 
I read a quote in a book yesterday where a woman said she always tries to bear in mind as she raises her kids, that she is raising future friends. I can think of nothing more wonderful than to raise a daughter who is also my good friend.

Dorien sleeps so peacefully. He has recently taken to "reading" our Children's Dictionary while we do school. He particularly likes the pages with pictures of horses. "'Orse, Momma!"

And Singer, well, she's growing so much. And chewing on everything she can get her hands on. And shedding like a good Golden will. And just getting more lovely every day. And in need of a little trim, it appears.

Last week, as our week concluded and I was making dinner looking out our large windows to the back yard, I noticed dark storm clouds rolling in. This always gives me mixed feelings. I welcome the rain, but am always leery that our power might go out. 

As the storm settled in and the thunder boomed and lightning flashed like mad, Kyle and I made the absolute best of it. We turned off all the lights in our house except the lamp beside my bed, and settled down on our bed with all the kids and a huge stack of books. He and I took turns reading books to the kids. We even read a book about storms that was utterly appropriate. The kids were spellbound and all fears associated with the scary storm dissolved. It was bliss. It was perfection. It was the perfect end to the week. 

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  1. Those pictures make all the laundry worth it. So sweet!