Time is just Time

3:47 PM

Time is just time, but it does move by and events transpire.
Breaths are taken. There are sunrises and sunsets.
Moons wax and wane.
Pages flip in a calendar.
Kyle and Ashley go on a date. Brooklyn takes a picture.

Sheets are changed. Clothes are dirtied and washed.
Meals are made. Groceries are bought. Check books are balanced.
Books are begun and finished. Eggs are scrambled and fried.
Fingernails are painted, bit or trimmed.
Polish is spilled on a hardwood floor.
Plans are made. Birthdays are celebrated. Cakes are baked and consumed.

Families grow closer. Hugs are given and kisses too.
Moments are cherished. Squabbles broken up and boo-boos tended.
Lessons are taught. School-work is done. Copywork, handwriting, reading and math.
Toys are sorted and played with. Block towers rise and fall.
Cars zoom and crash. 

Flowers grow. Butterflies flit and land. Friends sit and eat brunch together. Problems are discussed and shared. Rocks sink deeper into their patch of soil as children stomp them down in joy.
The wind blows clouds back and forth across the sky. Temperatures rise and fall.
Days begin, march steadily on and die in the tomorrows. 

Babies are weaned. Fans blow. Blinds are opened and closed. Leaves turn colors and make their way to the ground. Puppies get bigger. Teeth get cleaned. Eyes get checked. Floors are vacuumed and shelves are dusted.  Coffee gets made and doctored. Iphones get charged and bills get paid.
Lists are made and things are checked off or left undone.
Clothes are hemmed and buttons sewn back on.

Books are checked out. Music is heard. Dances are danced. Lips are kissed. Bibles are opened and verses are read. Prayers are lifted and heads are bowed. Hands are held and food is served. Bites are taken and chewed. Tummies are filled. Hearts are filled. Time is just time. But it's precious and fleeting and I am thankful for every second of it.

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  1. I like the reminder of the ebbs and flows. Thank you.