Christmas Eve and Dog Tales

11:35 AM

In many ways, it doesn't seem possible that today is December 24th. The very day before Christmas! The Christmas Day on which we are remarkably predicted to get quite a bit of snow!!!
If weather reports can be believed. 

Which is about 25% of the time.

Right now, outside, the sun is shining brightly and it's far too warm for my taste. 
And it seems at this moment highly unlikely that any snow could possibly be in store for us.
But it does make for a good play-outside-day.
And my kids and husband and Rene, are currently doing just that. They've walked down the street to the park that lies there and calls my children's name. They'll swing and slide and run around and probably all come back sweaty and exhausted and hungry, just in time for us to load up and head to our church's Christmas Eve service.

This leaves me all by myself in the solitude of my house, wondering if the mail is going to bring me the last few gifts that haven't been delivered. I did a little more goodie-making today - a few gifts that had to be made at the last minute to keep them as fresh as possible.

I find myself actually really sick of sweets, which is saying something. 
I found myself licking the teaspoon after it had salt in it and sighing happily. 
That, my friends, does NOT happen often.

Although the weather isn't cold right now, like I said, it's been GREAT for playing outside and my kids have done lots and lots of that lately.

Except for this past Wednesday when gale force winds ripped through our town and stirred up some trouble! On that strange day, I would not have been the least bit surprised to glance out my window and see a line of nannies being blown head over feet through the air. (Mary Poppins)

All this outside play has unearthed, literally, some interesting discoveries.

Namely, that my Golden, Singer, is a swallower of socks. And a regurgitator of socks.
To be fair, she doesn't limit herself to socks. She is happy to gulp down anything cloth, including dishtowels.

She usually gallops around the house and in her excitement, snatches things up in her mouth and brings them to show me. Her eyes are literally sparking with enthusiasm! I have no idea why she does this, because I promptly scold her and remove the object. But there are clearly many times that she's snatched something up and either a) couldn't find me to show me or b) swallowed them before I could see her.

Numerous times the last few days, I'd be in the kitchen doing something when August or Brooklyn would run up to the kitchen door and say, "Hey, Mommy! Look what we found! It's _________'s sock!"

Dirty, stiff, regurgitated, but otherwise, none the worse for wear.  A few Dorien socks, one of my workout socks, a headband to a doll, the majority of a dishtowel...

It's been an eye-opener. I now keep a much closer eye on Singer as she roams the house. And the kids keep their eyes open as they roam the backyard.

And I also confess, I did sanitize, wash and have reused a couple of the socks we found.  For having seen the inside of a dog's stomach and then a night or two outdoors, they are in remarkably good condition!

A word of wisdom: if you have puppies or dogs around this Christmas Eve, keep them far away from your socks and any other cloth goodies you may unwrap. They tend to disappear. And then reappear.

Merry Christmas, one and all!

May you be richly blessed this Christmas! 
Including with lots and lots of snow!

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  1. Merry Christmas! I'd send you some snow if we had some!