In the Spirit

12:22 PM

School is still underway...

But that doesn't mean our hearts aren't very much involved in Christmas already.

And while we are still faithfully putting in our school days, somehow having a Christmas tree up and decorations around makes it feel less like work and more like fun.

We hauled our boxes down from the attic.

Assessed and dressed our tree.

And even our little angler did his part!

He may not have been able to reach very high on the tree, but he was most definitely not short of enthusiasm.

Yes, we gave him ornaments that were least likely to be broken.

While August got some slightly fancier ones.

And Brooklyn is downright trustworthy.

It all starts out looking like chaos and somehow becomes the essence of Christmas.

Empty bins become lovely places to hide and play!

Ladders get climbed and oh, yes, the vacuum earns its keep.

Our mantel gets to do its finest work.

The house smells like freshly cut Fraser fir.

And coziness is amplified.

Twinkle lights lead upstairs.

And happy kids make the season even brighter.
It's funny how much more wonderful Christmas is now that I have children.

Not to mention this precious Golden who fills our hearts with love and our floors with furballs.

And I even find myself baking bread just to complete the mood. 

I'm up to my eyeballs in lists right now - gifts to purchase, gifts ordered online when and where (and may I just interject here how much I love that it's possible to take care of Christmas shopping almost entirely without leaving my house??? I hate leaving the house and never more than during this busy season! I love online shopping!), but back to lists...

On my list for today?
1) Plan Christmas baking
2) figure out what we're getting for our kids!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday and soak up this wonderful season!

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  1. Gorgeous tree! I'm with you on not leaving the house to go shopping. Too much craziness! Wish you all weren't so far away!