A Friday Funny

2:27 PM

Don't you just love Fridays?
How could you not? They hold the promise of a weekend - which is two days of the whole family, in most cases. In our family, these days are known as All Day Daddy Days. And my kids get super pumped about All Day Daddy Days. As do I, because not only do I get unlimited time with my best friend and love of my life, but it's so nice to have someone to share dirty diaper duty, entertain the kids and even give me some sweet time by myself occasionally. 

It's also the end of a school week and a break from our usual routine.
And this particular Friday couldn't be any sweeter as it has rained and stormed all day long. 
Plus it's cool outside and feels very much like autumn is close by...
all very good things.

I want to wrap up my week by sharing a few pictures with you from our lives and to leave you laughing with a hilarious commercial that I can't stop watching because it never fails to make me laugh out loud.

Changes to the nursery are underway, the first on the agenda being a new light fixture.  Here's what I settled on - the Up and Atom Chandelier from Land of Nod. Man, I love that store.  I loved the chandelier we had in there before, but it had wiring issues and one out of 16 bulbs worked. 

Notice the wall back there. It's been an alternating purple stripe since we painted it forever ago for Brooklyn's nursery. I'm done with it. I thought we'd go with a grey, but lo and behold, it turned out to look exactly like August's room - and I didn't want that, so we started over. I was hit with inspiration on a particular page of a West Elm catalog, spent oodles of time pouring over paint swatches at Sherwin Williams and found it. It's now my favorite color in the whole world. But the picture above is just us testing colors...

Here is our inspiration...

Rochester Sofa

I love how dark and rich and multi-faceted the color is. I want the room to feel have a rich, jewel-tone, deep feel to it. There are six windows in there, so there's no chance of it being overpoweringly dark. And I love color. So, although this was a strong color, it spoke to me! 

And after a prime coat of grey and four solid coats of paint later, the walls are done! It doesn't show up well on my iphone camera at ALL, but trust me when I say it looks just like the color on the wall in the West Elm picture. 

Minus any wall art for the moment, and this is also not the bedding I'm gonna use. It actually looks great with the color, but it's what I've had the whole time and I'm ready for a change!

And here is my sweet little Brooklyn going to her Wednesday piano lesson. She started taking lessons a few weeks ago from the same sweet lady that I took from for my entire childhood! It's so precious to see her excitement and, already, a dedication to it. She practices faithfully each day. 

Here's a sweet picture of two of my men chilling in bed.  Kyle's pulling up a Castle episode for us to watch while Dorien browses one of Kyle's work magazines. So cute.

And as promised, my new favorite commercial....If you don't laugh, I'm worried about you.

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