Tiny Helpers and Photobombers

2:27 PM

Rene came home for Thanksgiving, and the kids were all over him. He's like their older brother home from  college. Which, he sort of is.  We consider him part of our family, that's for sure. And since his sister and brother are back in Rwanda, and his parents have passed away, we're honored and blessed to be his American family. 

In the picture above, I was trying to get Rene and the kids working on something, but everytime I looked at a picture I'd just taken, poof, there was Dorien. 

This was my favorite, though. There's something Grinch-like in the way Dorien is sneaking across the picture. He told me he was carrying his hat to Bernae. That's what he calls Rene now. And it's a little contagious. Cause its kind of fun to say. Bernae didn't seem to mind terribly. 

And when Mr. Tool Man walks into the kitchen offering to help do dishes, you'd be a fool to say no. 

He was so diligent and did a great job. And he had his hammer and phone in case the situation became too much to handle with just soap and water.

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