It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

6:30 AM

We've had most of our Christmas decorations up since before Thanksgiving. I just couldn't wait! 
But we did wait to get our tree until afterwards, mostly because we knew we'd be out of town a few days and it's bad enough asking my neighbor friends to feed my chickens and my dog and my cat and my fish without also asking them to please water my tree. 

Our tree is now up and decorated, or trimmed, and it was a grand old time. Even Wyeth got close to the fun, as you can see. I'm usually the one wearing Wyeth, but Kyle wanted a turn. The wrap he has on is made by one of my best friends, and it's light and stretchy and very comfy to wear. (Best Baby Wraps if you're on facebook, which I'm not...).

And UPS and FedEx are making frequent stops at our house, since I have done 99% of my shopping online. Getting all the kids out of the house is such a huge hassle that I rarely do. In fact, I did yesterday to make a quick run to the Dollar Tree for gift boxes and realized, as I was checking out, that I'd grabbed the diaper bag that didn't have my wallet in it. By some bizarre chance, I had a checkbook on me (that NEVER happens) and they took checks! Panera, next door, did NOT, crushing the hopes of me and my starving kids. I was much cheered to arrive back home and see three boxes waiting for me! It drives Brooklyn crazy that I won't tell her what's in any of them.

This is not our annual family picture, although I'm thinking it would have made a great one! This is us at the DD&F annual Christmas party. Every year, we're given Bob-Bucks and we bid on items without knowing exactly what we're bidding on. There are some awesome prizes, like a KitchenAid mixer or a huge smoker or ginormous flat screen TV.  There are also little packages of adhesive mustaches. That's what we got.
And that's what we wore with great pride.

Even Wyeth rocked his little 'stach. It was truly one of the more hilarious sights I've seen.

It might actually have tied with Dorien in his Selleck 'Stach. 

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