The Blur of the Holidays

2:38 PM

It's not really a valid excuse as so many others out there manage to faithfully post to their blogs daily in spite of all the hectic events surrounding the holidays, but that IS my excuse for going dark on you for the last few weeks. In summation, I apologize. And I'm back.

And here is a recap of what the last month looked like for us...

 A visit to Kyle's parents the weekend before Christmas...
August, Dorien, Reagan, Brooklyn and Noah
(Reagan and Noah are the children of Beth, Kyle's older sister)

Reagan monkeys around while Dorien adopts his "cheeser" pose.

I got to rest for the first time in weeks and just enjoy holding my baby.

Wyeth smiles at Nan over Daddy's shoulder.

The kids played lots of Twister, and somehow August always ended up in the craziest contortions...


Nan and Beth had all the kids contribute a handprint (and Noah's footprint) to make some very hilarious reindeer for this banner.

The reindeer versions of Dorien and Reagan.

And if you ever wondered what it looks like to put on the whole armor of God, as referenced in Ephesians 6 - this is what that looks like. 

And the annual "in front of the tree on Christmas Eve" pictures - me and Wyeth!

Dorien - age 2 years, 9 months

August - age 5 years, 5 months.

Brooklyn - age 7 years, 10 months

Rene - home from college - age 22?

Our whole family (minus Rene who is behind the camera!)
Christmas Eve 2013

Wyeth awake at the moment!

Rene and a new sweater and tie!

Stinkin' adorable Dorien in a brand new hat knit by me!

I also knit a hat for Rene...

And August modeled a new cardigan and some cozy sweatpants that he'll continue to grow in. 

Have you ever seen a more beautiful boy?

Mommy doles out the stockings to the crew...

August reaches in deep to make absolutely sure he got everything. 
The funny thing about this is that he pulled out a Reese's cup that he missed from last year!
(we threw it away)

Both Brooklyn and August got new kicks! They have been in major growth spurts lately and got lots of clothes they desperately needed. August also got the shirt he's wearing.

And my mom got Brooklyn the world's most enormous Barbie plane. It's more like a Barbie C-130. Interestingly, Brooklyn named it "Airplane Olivia" and refers to it as such.  Airplane Olivia deserves her own blog post in the future. She is a multi-faceted creature who lives in our attic playroom when Brooklyn isn't playing with her. For a few days, Brooklyn was using the Ghost chairs as her hangar, until I vetoed it. Seeing a huge pink Barbie plane poking out from under the chair was a little alarming. Like Airplane Olivia was spying on me.

And to conclude today's picture montage, here is Dorien giving a big thumbs up to one of his very favorite foods - the humble tomato.

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