A Milestone

6:30 AM

My children recently tackled one of life's little milestones. 

Riding a bicycle.

I should clarify this, and say that Brooklyn and August are the ones who checked this off their list - Dorien and Wyeth have a ways to go yet.

I have no idea how old I was when I learned to ride a bike, and for awhile I thought Brooklyn and August might be teenagers before it clicked for them. Partly that was due to me and Kyle who found it difficult to carve out time designated to bike riding. And let me give Kyle his full due - the fact that our kids found their balance on two wheels is ENTIRELY because he worked with them. I watched from our balcony or an upstairs window while taking care of Wyeth. Chasing after a wobbling bike is not something you can do while holding an infant. Well, you probably can, but I wasn't up for it. 

You are fortunate to be able to witness those first moments of balance as August first, then Brooklyn, "got it." And not without a little blood, I might add.

Here are a few videos of the various phases and one awesome crash.

Please stop before you hit the car...


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