Wyeth at 4 Months

3:40 PM

As a basis of comparison, here is our freshly hatched Wyeth. Not even one full day old. Sigh. So teensy.

Man, it is so bright out here, people!
(1 day old again)

1 month old, loving the swaddlin.

2 months old and hanging out on Daddy's shoulder 

3 months old and growing those sweet chubby cheeks.

And now, believe it or not, this little guy is 4 months old.
Shown here with his favorite green pacie. Correction - his only pacie. 
We like to live dangerously.

Such a cuddle-bug - he lives on my left shoulder.
Every article of clothing I own has the spit-up on that shoulder as proof of my position as mommy.

Eyelashes for days, and plump lips and dimpled hands.

Are you looking at me? 

Wyeth: "My Barbie. Don't touch.
I just wanna teeny taste of her."

Barbie: "It's ok!!! I'm used to it!"

At the indoor pool, sweating on Daddy's lap while Momma swims.

Yes, my tongue is always ready to poke out and taste something. Always. Be. Ready.

Sorry guys, didn't mean to conk out on you. It just got so hot. I kind of melted.

And this is Wyeth at four months. 
By our measurements, he's grown 5 inches in length and I have no idea about weight. I'll know more on Monday after his 4 month check-up.
In all other respects, he's precious, perfect and wonderful. 

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