Being Silly

1:42 PM

I remember a time in my life when I would get all fixed up and go out on Friday nights.

That seems so long ago.

These days I have way more fun than I ever did back then, just hanging around in a bathroom with my kids making crazy faces into my phone. You should have heard the laughter and squeals. And I apologize for how horrible I look in all these I said, this was not one of those "get pretty for a date night " nights. It was a "wearing pigtails to match Brooklyn and be as silly as possible" nights. So, enjoy our goofiness!

These were all emotionally "themed"...

He wasn't so much giving emotion out as much as he was drooling everywhere.

Big head, teeny weeny neck. 
I still giggle every time I see this picture.

Seriously, ya'll.  Hours and hours of fun.
It eats up a Friday night like nobody's business.

Then, at the library the next day, they had a "picture taking station". 
You know we were all over that!

The Man in the Yellow Hat and his Curious George.
A more appropriate George there has never been...

Such lovely flowing purple locks.
And such sketchy dentition.

Just flew in from Sochi. And I'm sapped. 

My, oh my!

This song playing is just plain exhausting....

Oh, you're still there?

The astronaut and her octopus.

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