Color Stek

6:30 AM

I think I've mentioned this toy before, but I confess I threw the box away and am not totally positive about its name. I would sworn it was Color Stek, but I googled that and got nothing. It is not a colored steak, as much as google wanted it to be.

What it IS is a ton of tiny blocks that fit into a plastic pegboard and can create an infinite array of pictures or designs. It also is one of my kids' favorite activities.

Brooklyn created the above picture of a little girl feeling her mom's pregnant belly while her sister anxiously waits her turn while practicing ballet moves and their dog misbehaves by jumping on the bed. 
How great is that?

Brooklyn also took a picture of a Red Cross badge she designed...

The uniform of a nurse - complete with hat, scrub top, shoes and medical bag.

And on the box that used to contain these plastic goodies, there were several pictures designed to inspire young Color-Stekkers. August decided to copy a Mexican crooner. Nice job.

And Brooklyn copied the pirate ship sailing the blue seas.

They did a great job copying the box pictures, but I have to say that the creations from their heads are far more amazing to me. They never stop surprising me. Or impressing me!

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