Sweet Summer

2:59 PM

It's July already, which means that August is almost 6.
Which means that summer is well under way.

Are you kidding me, Mom?
Hey Mom, check out my Mungies. (Male Hungies)

Is it ok that I said that?

Of COURSE it is! Cause I'm Wyeth and I'm awesome!

Summers don't feel the way they used to...I think that could be because of two things:

1) I'm experiencing summers as a mom, not as a kid; and
2) I'm working a lot from home right now, so even though there's technically nothing we have to accomplish, I always feel like there's something I could/should/need to be doing.

Dorien tries out what it feels like to put his head in a box.
Plus, we had several weeks here where strep throat ran around the family. August to Brooklyn back to August then to me. I think we're finally all clear. 

August naps on the clean laundry pile.
Wyeth is 9 months now and in a state of accelerated development. 

He started crawling one day and then immediately began pulling up on furniture. Then he decided to try his hand at climbing stairs. He's pretty good at it. He also sprouted three new top teeth just in the last 7 days. 

That was a real blast, let me tell you.
He's also getting into the whole stranger anxiety thing, where he no longer wants to leave me. Ever.
And his hair is growing all the sudden and it's as white as can be. And his eyes are bluer than ever.

He's beautiful. He's also into everything he shouldn't be. 
Give him a toy and he'll crawl over and pull all the paper out of the printer.   
Give him something to chew on and he'll toss it aside to go after the computer wires. 

Or he'll gnaw on the furniture.
Put him on the kitchen floor with some tupperware bowls and he'll crawl straight for Singer's dog bone and a big hair ball. Put him down and he wants up. Hold him and he'll twist into a position making him unholdable. 

Oh, you saw that?
He and I just did a Mommy and Me swimming class today at our gym. That was actually pretty interesting. We worked on lots of things like blowing bubbles, kicking, turning from front to back, floating with support from me, singing "The Wheels on the Bus..." but inserting all sorts of swimming motions, and a little bit of going under the water. He did really well! Much better than some 2 year olds who were in the class.

Bedtime and a book to eat.
I feel like swimming should come natural to him since "we" swam my entire pregnancy. He does seem to enjoy the water, so now it's just a matter of fostering that enjoyment!  

August sleeping in the clean laundry pile. Again. I really should fold that stuff.
August has developed a love for tennis recently, thanks to a week long tennis camp he attended. His teacher said he had a lot of potential, and since August is really excited about it, I think we're gonna do lessons one day a week. 

Final day of swim lessons and a visit from the Chick-Fil-A cow - who jumped off the diving board!
 Tennis is something I can get behind. One of my favorite sports. I love the individuality of it and that you can play it your whole life. I love that there is so much mental about it, as well as physical.

Brooklyn wavered back and forth between being interested and not, and landed on the not category. We'll see. I'm hoping she changes her mind at some point. No pressure. 

August in blue to the left.
I am still convinced that there is a way to maneuver through childhood without spending all your free time involved in some sort of organized sport or activity. 

Cheering on the US during the World Cup!
Meanwhile, she draws constantly and reads and creates plays and dramas and keeps me laughing and entertained.

My increasingly crowded dining room. Wood, toys and Rene's bags.
 And the kitchen renovation has a start date! The floors will be laid the 24th-25th of July, which means that Kyle and I will spend the early part of that week removing the tiles, getting the toilet and sink out of the bathroom, removing the furniture and getting the old appliances out.  We picked up the wood on Monday, and the boxes are currently sitting in our dining room, open, so the wood can acclimate to the humidity levels in our house for a few weeks. More on that as it develops.

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  1. Such fun pictures! August napping on the clean laundry is hilarious!! I'm really excited to see these kitchen reno pics and I wish I could see the final product in person. Miss you!