Knights in Training

4:30 AM

What you may not realize about home schooling is that many days, you're doing so much more than just teaching reading, writing and arithmetic (although those are important) may also just be conducting Knight Training. And yes, it's very important for knights to occasionally lounge in beanbags and read. With their pink blankies close by.  In this case, Sir August is reading to us from the Discoverer's Bible. He and Brooklyn like to split the really long readings between the two of them. Please note that his sword is nearby should the need for battle arise.

Brooklyn is more of a Fair Maiden. No training required. Comes naturally.

What is it that Knights might need? 
Math skills are up there on the list.
For instance, Sir August took it upon himself to do some sums to determine just how much money he needs to save in order to afford all his desired Lego sets.

The answer? A lot. 

The best thing about this particular math problem is that he undertook it on his own. I was very impressed.

Writing skills are also a must. 
And it's ok to keep your mask on and your sword in hand during such exercises. 
Keeps you absolutely ready.

Sir Dorien isn't truly a "Sir" yet. He's more of a Squire. Maybe even a Page.
But he's quite fearless.
He informs me periodically that when he grows up to become a knight, he'll kill all the bugs for me.
I  believe him. And I look forward to that day.

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