Wyeth is 1

4:30 AM

Little Wyeth is now big enough to get me in a headlock.
I have such love for the little towhead.

He is an explorer.
Forever climbing IN my drawers. 
On my chairs.
Up the stairs.
On the couch.
I gotta keep my eye on him.

He is happy to double as a ring toss game when necessary.

He's at that age where all he wants is to be put down so he can explore.
What is this stuff???
What I really want to know is, is it edible?

Now THIS is a particularly interesting specimen.

All that being 1 gets exhausting.

Tackle the Mommy is a favorite pasttime.

And then there's the reach for the camera...we've arrived at that age. 
Not quite yet to "I wanna see!" It's more like, "I wanna taste it!"

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