Halloween 2014

3:37 PM

My personal resolution was to post these Halloween pictures before Christmas. I'm just barely gonna hit my deadline.  But here we are, in all our costumed glory!

Let me introduce the cast...

Wyeth - age 1 - the Shark.
This costume is one of those that all our kids get to be, because, well, why not?
It's pretty much one of my favorite costumes.

Despite the look of alarm on his face, he seemed to enjoy his role.

Next up - Dorien - age 3.
AKA - Eddie Van Halen.
Rock out, baby.

I know few other 3 year olds who so readily (and naturally) adopt a rocker persona.
This kid has style and spunk.
And an appreciation for solid 80's rock.

Following the theme of great rockers, we have August (age 6),
better known as Jon Bon Jovi.
Have you ever seen Bon Jovi looking quite so good?
No, you have not.

The perfect blend of beautiful bad boy.
Lady killer, for dern sure.

And who better to reel in the chaos of three younger brothers than Mary Poppins (Brooklyn, age 8).

Charming, wise, always prepared.

Ready for anything with an enormous carpetbag and a positive attitude. 
She's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

This little shark keeps a keen eye out for the return of Daddy.

Mr. Jovi practices a few riffs on his guitar with some well-timed swishes of his golden locks - seemingly unaware of the dangerous shark swimming by!

Meanwhile, you cannot stop the fury that is Van Halen, unleashed!!

Never fear, boys, Mary Poppin is here to tidy up the nursery.

Now, where did I put my hat stand and mirror? I know they're in here somewhere....

A little pre-game jam session (sans hair extensions...)

Getting ready to hit the streets!

Now we're all here!

Baby shark found his Daddy, finally! 

This little shark is up past his bedtime.

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