Wyeth's Nursery

6:00 AM

With the birth of our fourth child, I gave our nursery a new look. It was time.
Nevermind that we co-sleep with our babies, so the only time they spend in the crib is brief naps... The nursery does get lots of use as a general area of play, my Bible Study area, and diaper changing station. 

The re-design included a new wall color - a deep rich hue that just does not quite look the same in pictures. It changes with the light and is exactly what I wanted. A blue so deep and rich that sometimes it looks black/blue, sometimes blue/green. I adore it so much I repainted our downstairs bathroom the same color. The color is so rich, so deeply pigmented that it required 4 coats of paint. 

After naming our son Wyeth, after the Wyeth family of painters (N.C. Wyeth...father to Andrew Wyeth...father to James Wyeth...), we thought it only fitting to put up artwork by the Wyeth family on the walls. We wanted a piece of art by each of the famous, incredible artists...and eventually, our own little Wyeth will hopefully create a piece of "art" and claim his spot on the nursery wall.  

Above is the Lobsterman, painted by Andrew Wyeth.
A favorite of mine. 
We framed it in an estate sale find frame.

Here's one corner of the nursery. The horizontal orange/white painting is NOT a Wyeth...just a painting we bought before Brooklyn was born, that we still like for that space.
We got a new lamp and side table (both from Land of Nod). 

Over the changing table/dresser, we found a huge frame and used it for James Wyeth's The Islander.
I love this painting for so many reasons that I can't begin to write them all here. Suffice it to say, I love looking at this picture, which is good, because I change a lot of diapers.

Another view of the changing table and the James Wyeth print.

A different perspective.

The final Wyeth print we have up is by the original Wyeth - N.C. Wyeth.  
He was an incredibly prolific illustrator for children's books, and this particular print of an Indian canooing down a river is hauntingly beautiful to me. We have studied a great deal of Native American culture and civilizations this year for school, making it even more poignant for us.
(I could not get a really good picture of it, because the glass made a glare from every direction).

Here's the little corner where the N.C. Wyeth hangs.

Here's a shot of the afternoon sun streaming in the nursery, making some absolutely beautiful light patterns. This is one of my favorite rooms.

As you can see, I like to hang out here while Wyeth plays in his little toy corner.

And here's a straight shot looking into the nursery from my bedroom.
We hung a new chandelier in here (the Sputnik light from Land of Nod) which makes me happy every time I see it. The rug is from CB2. The solar system print on the wall, and the crib bedding are both from Land of Nod. Yes, I like Land of Nod. A lot. 
There are always tweaks and things, but I'm very happy with the pieces in there. I like the interplay between the Sputnik light, the colorful, interconnected circles in the rug with greens, oranges and blues tying into the artwork, and the repeated satellite system circles and colors above the crib. 
It's not your typical nursery, and I like that most of all!

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