An Outing

6:00 AM

We love making trips to our local library. Especially because it takes us directly past Kyle's office.
We park in his parking deck and walk a block over to the Main Library. From the sidewalk, we can look up and his office looks right down onto us. He's the window on the right, waving to his family below him!

I was about a second late in capturing all four of my kids sitting in chairs reading books. Wyeth lost patience with me, though, and hopped out. 

There are huge windows looking out onto the River Market, and it makes for some entertaining viewing. Wyeth was fascinated! As were my other three kids and a couple of other kids who decided they'd hop up and join the watch party. I really do love our downtown. It may not be my favorite city in the world (Chicago), but it's come a long way since I've lived here. 

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  1. That is one beautiful building! I love outings to the library. It is so peaceful and there is so much to do at the library, more than when I was a kid when all there was were books. Now there are so many activities for the kids to do. Love it!

  2. Awww. I remember that place! So fun.