Cargo Pants for Dorien

6:00 AM

Sometime this past summer, whenever it was that we went to the Farm for a week by ourselves, I made August a pair of cargo pants.  I bought the Coastal Cargo Pants pattern online from BlankSlate Patterns. This was the second Blank Slate Pattern I've used, and it challenged me so much. Mostly because I did about 20 things I'd never done before. At the end of making August's pants, I was a little worn out and not mentally ready to jump into the pair I'd intended to make for Dorien.

Fast forward about six months, and I realized if I didn't make the pants, I'd have wasted the fabric, because I'd already cut everything out in the size that I thought Dorien needed.....six months previous. Fortunately, he's a small guy and the pants are going to still fit him for quite a while. And even if he outgrows them, Wyeth will wear them someday. 

In hindsight, I wish I'd bought fabric in a different color or something so I'd have some variety. But I didn't, so there you have it. I did do something a little different with the cargo pocket flap for Dorien that makes his unique.  

Having made these pants before, I was able to finish this second pair and fix some of the mistakes I'd made on August's pants. They're not perfect, but I'm pretty proud of them.

Button tabs demonstrated.

Yes, I had him stand on my counter-top to take the pictures. 


Don't look so sad, D! You have a new pair of pants!

I think they look pretty good on him!

And I'm done sewing cargo pants for a long long time!

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