First Weeks of Summer

3:39 PM

The official picture of me and Kyle from the Gran Fondo ride! My helmet seems to be pushed back a little far on my head! 

Last week, we kicked off our summer break with swimming lessons. They started on Tuesday morning and go through Friday, June 12th. Only Brooklyn and August are taking them right now, and they are 45 minute lessons during which Dorien and Wyeth hang out with me and watch. Which sounds horrible, but really hasn't been that bad at all.

After lessons, we head to the gym for my morning workout, and some days, we stick around to swim at the gym pool.  We went last Monday before the sun had really decided to shine full-time, and the water was unbelievable cold. My older three decided it was still worth getting wet.

Wyeth and I, on the other hand, quickly realized that it was way too stinkin cold for our taste.

Ok, so Brooklyn only lasted a few minutes.

August turned into a caterpillar under the water fountains.

Wyeth was incredulous about this!

Dorien, just chilling during a swimming lesson.  I love this kid. Today, he observed to me (while at the swimming lesson pool) that the white chairs at both pools are different. The gym pool has hard white lines, but the swimming lesson pool has bouncy lines on the chairs. What an observant kid! He said he prefers the hard white lines. He tends to fall through the other ones.  

Here's Brooklyn reading to her little brother, who absolutely loves this. He loves books and adores being read to. Especially by his siblings.  

So far, our summer has been lovely. I'm trying to make it special, because I remember summers as a kid being just wonderful! We've been able to swim more at the pool simply because I don't have to watch Brooklyn and August like a hawk like I did last summer. This lets me play more with Dorien and Wyeth in the water without losing my mind. Trust me, four kids at a pool is no picnic. We're making progress, though! Last year, I wouldn't dream of going to the pool without Kyle.

As a special treat yesterday, I bought S'more fixings and we made them for dessert using our gas burners! Why don't we do that more often? It worked just as well as a campfire (minus the bugs!) and was delicious! I even bought lemons to make real lemonade and I think we've eaten our body-weight collectively in watermelons and canteloupes. Once we are able to go blue-berry picking and stock up on those, it will truly feel like summer. There's nothing like a good sweaty morning stocking up on fresh picked blueberries. Fabulous!

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  1. Great photos! Love the brother and sister reading one. Great bonding time for the two of them!